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When boobies, expansion and giantesses combine with a guy nicknamed zab, you kinda get this...

chip chip churrah? xP

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Just call me Zab
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Favourite style of art: anime/manga/mecha
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Hey everybody. Hope all my watchers have been well and making great art or comments on said art!
I'm still alive and kicking, though having a job takes a lot of time out of the little time i have during a day. and well, games gotta be played too in between. thankfully i pop on every now and then wishing the people i watch a happy B-day, so i got that going for me, which is nice.

However, I'm making this journal for another reason. A reason which I thought would not be necessary, but during my lurking times I noticed it needs to be said. Not just to new people on DA that are looking for the pronz we make, but also the ones that have been on here longer. It might be a little bit of a read but please bear with me, because it happened to me a long time ago when I was a scrub on DA, and I want to make sure it does not happen to you, because it can suck.

The thing I want to talk to you about is: People on Deviantart and the internet that pretend to be someone they're not. And this is a topic I personally have encountered more than a fair share of times on here, and I want to give you all a little bit of my experience and talk about an example.

Because the reason I wanted to make this journal is a little occurance that happened a few weeks back, involving a certain Deviant by the name of Misskiss, Who still resides on Deviantart as we speak. When you first jump onto this profile you think: " hmm not a whole lot of art stuff, but quite some photos of her and her giant boobs. I guess ill watch it, boobs are great! and she likes big boobs and growing boobs too! instawatch!" But when you start to rationally think about this, you will start to notice a few things.

Now this person has blocked me off 'her' DA a while back, after several cases of me calling her out when a photo or drawing she used was taken from another Deviant, or even randomly from the internet. Every comment I made was hidden, and as this person felt I got too close to an answer, I got blocked, unable to comment on the gallery any further. This proved the thing I predicted from the start:  this person is not who 'she' claims to be. To give a little insight as to why I presumed that: here's some things that i kept in mind:

1) Her gallery is full of different photo's of people she hangs out with or morphs of people, however also has all kinds of random photos of her boobs, claiming to be her. yet the quality of the photo's keep varying in quality, which is weird if you would use the same type of device for your photos. If you look at other big bust artists like underbust or ariane saint amour the style of photography and quality is pretty coherent / consistent. it does not change this much and the body type stays the same, which brings me to point 2:

2) according to her, her chest grows and slims down from time to time. And not just that, in her photos her body type, breast shape AND size differ completely with a lot of photos. In roleplay that might be possible, but not in real life (with pregnancy breast size is possible but this person is not, so physically this is not possible, no matter how much you want it). keep it real gents.

3) In one of her photos (…)  she also claimed it is her. Yet she forgot that there was a watermark link at the bottom of the photo. After i left a comment there she hid it, and also resized the photo, cutting out the link. Now why would that be?

4) Since I got so close to the truth, i was blocked by her, unable to comment on her work, and older comments of her taking art from other people (e.g. Spratfa's work) resulted in being removed.

With this in mind I can safely say this is just another person on DA who claims to be someone they're not.

Now i hear you thinking:
So why do you even comment?
Why bother with other people's personal things?
Why do you take the time out of your life to talk about it?
Am you doing it to blackmail the fake person or turn this into a witch hunt?
Or are you a petty little man that wants to see the person get harassed and flamed for his or her actions?


I do it because there are people on here that actually believe that people like her are who they say they are. These are people that are not gullible (or maybe some are), but like to believe. People that might have their doubts, but are willing to give the benefit of the doubt. Because Hey: "who knows right? those big boobs could have a thing for me one day!" However, speaking from experience, that way of thinking results in not only being dissapointed, but also being distrustful to people you already know and feeling foolish for giving said deviants the benefit of the doubt. In the end, you might feel afraid to open up to other people again.

But let's turn this around for a second; why exactly would people like this do the things they do?
Multiple reasons. A troll for instance. But a lot of times it comes down to one thing: Attention.
And this can be in all sorts of ways:  watchers, favourites, flattering comments or even bigger things like donations, free artwork and more. They enjoy the attention and can get flirty about it, telling their fans what they want to hear to make them come back another day. I've known quite some Deviants that came up to me, pretending to be a girl, all flirty, only to request free works of art. As young and naive as I was in the past, i obliged quite a few times. Later on, not so much. Because in the end: when they get tired of it or you uncover them, they will remove you and never speak again, just like that. With this in the back of my head I've confronted a whole lot of DA friends, a lot of them with the predicted outcome.

People described above, the ones requesting free stuff, can become extremely demanding and violent, or at times downright threatening,
(me and a friend have had a lot of experience with that one: This has got to stop... )  but in the end some of those people give in eventually and tell people the truth about who they are and why. Which is something you can respect. Honesty can be a rare thing on the internet.

Because not all people are like this! at all! I have also met plenty of people over the course of my 'DA career' that were either honest right away about who they were. Im talking about people that use this female internet persona to get away from it all. people that feel like this is how they feel. People that are more comfortable being feminine but are not able to express themselves like that in the real world. And knowing that, it must be tough for them. And I respect their honesty and treat them how they want to be treated. Because in the end, if they want to be friends that's a-okay by me. And i applaud them for starting of with honesty.  Other times they had no idea they were doing the things they did. They just made a female character and used that as the face of his or her DA page, not understanding people link that and the identity of the creator.

All in all, I just want to give you guys some advice: if it's too good to be true, than it probably is. Don't get fooled or suckered into something. Look at the consistency in the photography. If they have a fictional OC don't immediately assume the creator is female. And most important: think with your mind first (and not that other thing down below, i can't stress that enough), no matter how big that chest is and no matter how tight the bra is around them. However don't immediately be coldhearted towards people either. They might have their reasons. Maybe the person is pretending to be a big boobed deviant, but in real life is a very talented paintress with some problems and a lot in common. And you could still be friends.

That is all I want to say about this for now, even though there can be said lots more (but the journal is already long and internet has ruined our concentration span) but I am open for your opinions. Please comment and share how you feel about these types of situations. Maybe you've been dissapointed before, maybe by the same person even! In any case, thanks for sticking with me. If you read through this entire bookwork, use hokeypokey in your comment ;) a little thing i learned from one of my youtube watchers. Ill hopefully be seeing you guys soon!
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